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AI liposuction selected by Microsoft

365mc artificial intelligence liposuction M.A.I.L System It was selected as Asia’s only case of artificial intelligence medical innovation by Microsoft, the world’s top IT company! Namcheol Kim, Chairman of the 365mc Representative Directors Council, said in an interview with Microsoft, “M.A.I.L can improve the surgeon’s skill level by analyzing the movements made by the surgeon through artificial intelligence, and ultimately improve the stability and accuracy of liposuction surgery. “As interest in liposuction is increasing, we are also considering sharing related technology with overseas medical institutions,” he said, explaining the possibilities and future plans of artificial intelligence liposuction.

Although Microsoft has previously introduced artificial intelligence into medical care, it was difficult to have artificial intelligence learn different movements and patterns for each doctor, so it was used only for diagnosis or medicine recommendations. However, it went beyond these limitations and introduced the stroke movements of liposuction surgeons. The innovation of 365mc introduced through artificial intelligence was highly praised. As always, 365mc will strive harder and take on challenges as a leader in the medical industry for a brighter future.

Seoul Business Agency introduces 365mc M.A.I.L system

365mc’s artificial intelligence liposuction technology ‘M.A.I.L System (Motion capture and Artificial Intelligence assisted Liposuction System)’ was selected as a business innovation example by the Seoul Business Agency, a public enterprise under the Seoul Metropolitan Government. The Seoul Business Agency recently published a book titled <The Future of Companies Changing with Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Cloud>. In the book, 365mc and the M.A.I.L system, an artificial intelligence liposuction technology, were introduced along with an interview with Kim Nam-cheol, chairman of the 365mc Representative Directors Association, under the theme of ‘Escape Obesity by Challenging Data.’ The Seoul Business Agency gave a favorable review of the M.A.I.L system, saying, “It maximizes the effectiveness of obesity treatment by converting, collecting, and analyzing the surgical hand movements of doctors into data, which had been overlooked so far.” In addition, “This case involves a venture company that wants to start a new business, as well as a company that seeks to increase efficiency and diversify its business by applying ‘A (artificial intelligence), B (big data), and C (cloud)’ to existing businesses. “It will be helpful to small and medium-sized businesses,” he said. In addition, he said, “This is a case that the authors carefully considered and selected together, so it is worthy of being used as an example.” 365mc will strive harder and take on challenges as a leader in the medical industry for a brighter future.

365mc Microsoft Digital Transformation Best Practices Presentation

365mc was introduced as an excellent example of digital transformation selected by Microsoft. The M.A.I.L system, an artificial intelligence liposuction technology jointly developed by Microsoft and 365mc, digitizes the surgeon’s movements (stroke movements) during liposuction surgery with an IoT sensor and stores them in Microsoft’s cloud service Azure. This is a system that evaluates the adequacy of strokes and predicts postoperative results. Thanks to the M.A.I.L system, the natural history and prognosis of the surgery can be predicted and informed immediately after liposuction surgery, where the prognosis could usually be confirmed only after 8 weeks. Additionally, it is predicted that the safety and satisfaction of surgery will greatly improve as artificial intelligence can present optimized surgical stroke guidelines to the surgical surgeon. 365mc’s artificial intelligence liposuction system can be seen as an example of digital transformation, that is, applying digital technology to society as a whole to innovate the existing social structure. 365mc is the only medical institution among the companies introduced by Microsoft as an excellent case that day. 365mc is faithfully carrying out its role in the field of obesity medicine in Korea through active research activities.

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