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365mc Artificial Intelligence Liposuction Research Center

<365mc Artificial Intelligence Liposuction Research Center> has opened at 365mc Fat E Tower, which is challenging to become number 1 in the world, not only in Korea. The 365mc Local E Tower in Dunsan-dong, Daejeon (194 Daedeok-daero, Seo-gu, Daejeon) is scheduled to be completed in December. It is the largest building ever with a total of 12 floors, and its exterior was designed with 365mc’s mascot, Local E. 365mc signed a joint agreement with global IT company Microsoft to introduce the world’s first artificial intelligence liposuction M.A.I.L. system (motion capture and artificial intelligence-assisted liposuction). The artificial intelligence liposuction (M.A.I.L. system) is a system that maximizes the safety and results of surgery by accumulating all surgical movements of a liposuction specialist as big data through motion capture technology and analyzing it with artificial intelligence. The 365mc Artificial Intelligence Liposuction Research Institute plans to lead the 365mc liposuction medical team and promote various clinical activities prior to research and development and commercialization of new artificial intelligence liposuction technology.

365mc ‘M.A.I.L System’,320 overseas media outlets including abcTV, focused on reporting

Overseas media reported, “As the obese population increases worldwide, interest in liposuction, which is being used as a treatment for obesity, is also increasing,” with the introduction of the M.A.I.L System using artificial intelligence (AI), a core technology of the 4th Industrial Revolution. “There is high expectation in the medical community that it will be able to maximize safety and accuracy,” the report said. This kind of strong interest from overseas will help strengthen the global competitiveness of ‘M.A.I.L System’ and advance into overseas markets. In addition, we will open the Global 365mc Hospital, Global Liposuction Education Center, and Artificial Intelligence Liposuction Research Institute in Daejeon next year, which is expected to be of great help in training medical staff from around the world based on the artificial intelligence system. Now the world is amazed by 365mc’s innovative medical technology advancements. In the future, 365mc will do its best to go beyond Korea’s leading obesity treatment hospital and become a leading hospital in the world of obesity medicine.

Received the Minister of Health and Welfare Award from Korea

365mc received the Minister of Health and Welfare Award in the general hospital category at the ‘2017 Medical Korea Awards’ in recognition of the development of the artificial intelligence liposuction ‘M.A.I.L.’ system. The part that 365mc received the most praise for in this award was the ‘M.A.I.L. System’, an artificial intelligence liposuction system recently developed by 365mc for the first time in the world. 365mc, which early predicted that the 4th Industrial Revolution would have an impact on the medical world, developed the surgical data accumulated over many years into big data so that artificial intelligence can learn from it. This system is expected to improve the safety and accuracy of liposuction surgery, which has been average, to the highest level by evaluating the appropriateness of strokes and predicting postoperative results immediately, and improving patients’ satisfaction with surgery. Through this award, 365mc was recognized by the national health agency as a representative obesity treatment hospital that revolutionized not only the obesity medicine field but also the 4th industrial revolution through the development of the artificial intelligence liposuction ‘M.A.I.L.’ system. In particular, this award is especially meaningful in that it is the second time that we have received the Minister of Health and Welfare Award, following 2015.

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