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Opening the future of new liposuction medical technology

365mc, an innovation that mankind has never experienced before, begins a great challenge to open the future of new liposuction medical technology. The world’s first artificial intelligence liposuction M.A.I.L System (Motion capture and Artificial Intelligence assisted Liposuction) is the main character. The M.A.I.L System refers to a system that maximizes the safety and results of surgery by accumulating the entire surgical movement of the liposuction surgeon into big data through motion capture technology and analyzing it with artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence liposuction system can be started because 365mc has an unprecedented and overwhelming number of liposuction surgery cases worldwide, focusing only on obesity treatment. Therefore, we received love calls from numerous global IT companies from the early planning stages, and on August 2, we finally signed an agreement with Microsoft and began full-scale system development and data accumulation.

The world’s first liposuction artificial intelligence system

There is a saying that the history of liposuction is divided into before and after the development of tumescent solution. The tumescent solution developed in 1987 had a huge impact on the history of liposuction. The stability of liposuction has been improved, with tumescent solution minimizing bleeding and speeding up recovery. 365mc is not satisfied with the current recognition and support, and has continuously researched and developed the latest obesity treatment technology based on its abundant clinical experience in liposuction surgery. This time, we are taking on the challenge of providing the best safety and obesity treatment effectiveness to our customers. 365mc plans to introduce the world’s first artificial intelligence liposuction M.A.I.L System (Motion capture and Artificial Intelligence assisted Liposuction), an innovation that goes beyond the development of tumescent solution 30 years ago. As the first step, 365mc Networks and Microsoft (MS) signed a business agreement for research and development of a liposuction artificial intelligence system at Microsoft headquarters in Gwanghwamun on Wednesday, August 2nd.

Artificial intelligence liposuction M.A.I.L new technology presentation

365mc and Microsoft’s ‘Artificial Intelligence Liposuction M.A.I.L New Technology Presentation’ was held successfully with enthusiastic responses from attendees! The M.A.I.L system, which applies artificial intelligence technology from world-class company Microsoft to the overwhelming liposuction surgery big data of 120,000 cases and 365mc, became a hot topic for many people from the moment it was announced that a new technology presentation would be held. In addition to media, IT, and medical industry officials, many people interested in artificial intelligence came to the presentation site. As the 200 seats prepared were not enough, chairs had to be airlifted urgently, but despite this, over 300 people stood at the back of the venue and watched the presentation. Currently, Microsoft’s artificial intelligence engine is learning data from 365mc liposuction that is being performed at this very moment. 365mc ensures the safety of liposuction surgery through precise prediction through the M.A.I.L system, and will continue to research and strive to maximize customer satisfaction through more sophisticated surgery. Please look forward to the new future of liposuction created by 365mc!

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