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Artificial intelligence liposuction innovation

artificial intelligence liposuction

365mc combines liposuction with artificial intelligence technology to go beyond the present. I thought we could achieve innovation in obesity treatment. If liposuction had a global Olympics An experienced liposuction surgeon with amazing experience including 365mc, 5,000MC, 7,000MC, and 10,000MC. If you meet as a team with Microsoft’s artificial intelligence MAIL system and receive detailed help from the MAIL system… Who in the world can beat this team? A leap forward in liposuction that goes beyond thoughts and experiences that we cannot dare to imagine. Meet the future of liposuction that has already begun at 365mc Hospital.


365mc, which has unprecedented liposuction cases in the world, developed the ‘M.A.I.L’ system, which combines artificial intelligence with liposuction, with Microsoft, a global company. The core technology is to attach a motion sensor to the end of the cannula that extracts fat and turn the doctor’s hand movements into data. This data is collected in the cloud through ‘Azure IoT Suite’ and analyzed with ‘Azure Machine Learning’ to improve liposuction. This is a system that maximizes results and safety.

Overwhelming liposuction case

365mc Hospital, which focuses only on obesity, only performs liposuction among obesity treatment surgeries, and has an overwhelming number of liposuction cases of over 100,000 cases since its opening. According to the Korea Record Institute, it is the hospital that performs liposuction the most among obesity and plastic surgery medical institutions in Korea. Officially certified as a hospital. In addition to the amazing record of performing more than 20,000 liposuction procedures for 6 consecutive years, approximately 2,000 liposuction cases are performed per month. A place where you can accumulate big data on liposuction stroke movements that require precision. The only hospital-level medical institution in the world that focuses on liposuction is 365mc Hospital.

The future of liposuction

Artificial intelligence liposuction creates ‘better results’. The ‘Artificial Intelligence Liposuction M.A.I.L System’ motion captures all of the surgeon’s liposuction movements, records them as digital data, and patterns and analyzes data from successful surgeries. The analyzed data is presented to the surgeon as a guideline for better results through the artificial intelligence liposuction M.A.I.L. SYSTEM, helping to achieve better results. Artificial intelligence liposuction maximizes safety. When the artificial intelligence liposuction M.A.I.L SYSTEM is introduced, safety and accuracy are expected to increase dramatically. Not only does it reduce natural symptoms (bruising and swelling) that may appear after liposuction, but it also prevents serious side effects (complications of organ and muscle damage). The time it takes to get results may also be shorter. You usually have to wait at least a month for the swelling to go down, but with the artificial intelligence liposuction M.A.I.L SYSTEM, you can predict the results right away.

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