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MedTech - MAIL System


The Future of

Motion Capture and Artificial intelligence-Assisted
Liposuction (MAIL)


M.A.I.L System

Motion Capture and Artificial Intelligence–Assisted Liposuction

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Why is 365mc getting into liposuction?

Create history at 365mc Hospital

AI AlphaGo defeated the Chinese 9 dan rank go player Ke Jie and garnered a near-perfect victory of 4:1 against 9 dan player Lee Sedol. Lee Sedol was the only go player to win a game against AlphaGo. AlphaGo studied records of games by celebrated go players and won by making a move that no human has made before. What if AlphaGo forms a team with Lee Sedol and play go? Who will defeat this duo? Liposuction is a delicate and important process that requires as much precision as go because it deals with human bodies and lives. We are positive that applying AI to liposuction will innovate obesity treatment. If liposuction were an Olympic sport, 365mc’s experienced specialists who have operated more than 5,000, 7,000, or even 10,000 surgeries, and Microsoft’s MAIL System will form an undefeatable team with unmatched precision. Liposuction surgery will exceed your every expectation. Dream the unimaginable. Create history at 365mc Hospital.

MAIL System

Innovation in obesity treatment! “MAIL System”

What is the “MAIL System” jointly developed by 365mc and Microsoft?

365mc, with its unmatched number of liposuction operations worldwide, developed the AI-supported MAIL System with Microsoft. The core technology involves attaching a motion sensor to the end of a fat-extracting cannula to store the doctor’s hand motions as data. The data are then collected in cloud storage through the “Azure IoT Suite” and analyzed using the “Azure learning machine” to optimize the results and ensure the safety of liposuction.

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Partner of global enterprise Microsoft

The largest number of liposuction operations in Korea! 365mc Hospital

365mc Hospital is dedicated to obesity treatment and holds a record of over 100,000 liposuction operations. We are certified by the Korea Record Institute as the hospital that performs the highest number of liposuctions among obesity/cosmetic treatment institutions in Korea. We have conducted over 20,000 liposuction surgeries for 6 consecutive years and have performed 2,000 liposuctions each month for different body parts. 365mc is the only hospital that focuses on obesity treatment and has the capacity to build big data on liposuction stroke motion that requires extreme precision.


AI liposuction creates “better results.”

“MAIL System” and the future of liposuction

The motion of the “AI liposuction MAIL System” captures the movements of a surgeon and records them as digital data to patternize and analyze successful surgeries. The analyzed data will be suggested as guidelines to the surgeon to produce better outcomes.

AI liposuction enhances “safety.”

“MAIL System” and the future of liposuction

The introduction of the AI liposuction MAIL System is expected to significantly enhance safety and precision. This includes the reduction of natural after-effects, such as bruising and swelling, and the prevention of severe side effects like
damage or complication to muscles or organs. It also shortens the time for result identification. Normally, one must wait for over a month until the swelling is gone, but with the MAIL System, results are predicted right away.