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Everything about liposuction revision surgery

Re-liposuction surgery

365mc only studies and treats obesity, and its surgery focuses only on liposuction. By stubbornly concentrating without turning a blind eye, we were able to treat many cases. These cases could become 365mc’s unique know-how. The power to successfully perform a reoperation was ‘concentration’.

Special features of 365mc liposuction revision surgery

365mc has published a book specializing in liposuction revision surgery, ‘Everything About Liposuction Reoperation’, based on its extensive know-how in liposuction revision surgery for each body type and case. In order to deliver information about reoperation more easily and clearly to general customers who have been exposed to inaccurate reoperation information through online communities or vague searches, we have included specific actual information and success stories about reoperation.

Liposuction Reoperation Specialization Center

This is an independent space exclusively for liposuction reoperation customers who come to 365mc Hospital because they are dissatisfied with the liposuction results received at other hospitals or complain of side effects. You can receive meticulous and optimized 1:1 reoperation consultation and surgery at a liposuction resurgery specialized center equipped with facilities dedicated to large-scale resurgery of 200 pyeong.

by an experienced liposuction master Reoperation in progress

The 3000MC (Master’s Club) liposuction specialist is a liposuction master with an incredible record of performing more than 3,000 liposuction surgeries (10,000 hours). This refers to a liposuction surgeon who has reached the level of a master that no one can dare to follow. 3000MC is a record made possible by 365mc Hospital, which performs an astonishing average of 2,000 liposuction cases per month on average, and can be said to be a class that only a very small number of medical staff in the world can achieve.

Consultation inquiry

If you have any questions about Liposuction korea, ask 365mc Hospital. We will consult with you more easily and quickly.
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