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365mc invited to Chengdu, China

Namcheol Kim, Chairman of the 365mc Representative Directors Council, attended the Sichuan Innovation And Entrepreneurship Promotion Association event held at Chenglong International Plaza in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China. This event was hosted by Chengdu City, which is preparing for the international beauty medical cosmetics industry, to invite representative hospitals and medical companies from Korea and the United States to present the environment and plans for fostering the medical industry and to share various global agreement plans. This is the Beauty Medical Industry International Innovation Collaboration Conference. Events included a dinner with the vice mayor of Chengdu, China, a beauty medical industry international innovation collaboration round table forum, an introduction to the investment environment in Chengdu’s high-tech district, and a project roadshow. About 100 people, including Chengdu city officials, domestic and foreign VIPs, and investment institutions, attended. In addition to 365mc Chairman Kim Nam-cheol, Professor Patrick J. Byme of Johns Hopkins Hospital, Associate Professor Eun Seok-cheon of Plastic Surgery at Seoul National University Graduate School of Medicine, and Kim Moo-jeon, President of the Korean Plastic and Aesthetic Industry Association, were invited to attend. As the only obesity-specialized hospital in Korea and possibly the world, we will work harder and more responsibly.

Invited as a speaker to 365mc Microsoft Inspire

365mc will set up a booth during the conference to showcase the amazing technology of domestic obesity treatment, and will be the first speaker in the Korean medical industry to introduce the artificial intelligence liposuction system (M.A.I.L System). The Microsoft Inspire Conference is a global event to expand business opportunities and strengthen networks for partners by gathering together Microsoft partners around the world to share IT trends, market changes, insights, and Microsoft’s strategy, vision, and new products. 365mc’s unrivaled obesity treatment know-how based on a whopping 5 million cases of obesity treatment and more than 1,000 cases of liposuction per month is being developed into a more sophisticated and safer artificial intelligence liposuction system that has never been seen anywhere else in the world. 365mc is preparing to meet more of the world and customers, just like the advanced obesity treatment you are currently experiencing. As the only obesity-specialized hospital in Korea and possibly the world, we will work harder and more responsibly.

Received 365mc Liposuction New Technology Innovation Award

365mc won the ‘Liposuction New Technology Innovation Award’ at the <Global Healthcare Awards> held at Namsan Central Tower in Jung-gu, Seoul. The awards ceremony was designed to discover excellent medical institutions that have contributed to improving global competitiveness through remarkable achievements in the healthcare industry. With this award, 365mc developed the ‘M.A.I.L. System (Motion capture and Artificial Intelligence assisted Liposuction System)’, the world’s first to apply artificial intelligence to liposuction surgery last year, and opened a new chapter in the field. I was recognized. In addition, as a hospital specializing in obesity treatment that has focused on research and treatment on ‘obesity alone’ for 15 years since its opening in 2003 and has evolved a customized obesity treatment system, it is known that it has contributed to creating the ‘medical Korean wave’ in the international community.

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