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HPL share injection Precautions after treatment

Meal required on the day Please eat before the procedure. Please (decreased energy after the procedure, Prevention of hand tremor symptoms) attire for the day Please wear dark, comfortable clothes Possible symptoms Tingling, numbness, tickling, Feeling cold, pounding (time is running out) disappears after a while) possible pain Dizziness, nausea, numbness, Tingling (this goes away over time) exercise after procedure Light exercise after the procedure is Helps with absorption (radical Avoid exercise) mild body aches symptoms If you are accompanied by body aches, take rest. If you get drunk, you will recover. increased urine output Urine and sweat output on the day of the procedure Many are normal reactions Shower timing It is possible to shower on the day of the procedure. We recommend starting the next day if possible. give swelling It may be accompanied by swelling, but it will gradually disappear. solution flow A small amount of medication and the blood is pink May be discharged as liquid.

Frozen fat breakdown Precautions after treatment

Tightness, stiffness Feeling of tightness, stiffness, freezing You may feel it, but it is temporary. It’s a symptom bruising and pain Bruising, tingling, and numbness Symptoms may occur, but within 1 to 4 weeks It will be lost weight control Weight loss through exercise and diet control It is important to make an effort to Treatment-limiting disease Skin diseases, blood clotting diseases, Autoimmune disease, cold allergy, Cryoglobulinemia Other procedures Pregnant women, body mass index (BMI) 18 or less, People with naturally weak skin.

Mesotherapy Precautions after treatment

Nausea after the procedure You may experience nausea after the procedure. But it is slowly improving. Bruises at the treatment area Bruising may occur after 1 to 2 weeks. disappears (there are individual differences, Thighs take more) Shower time Showering is possible on the day of the procedure. Itching relief If the treatment area is itchy, do not scratch it. An ice pack can help. injection marks The injection marks will disappear within 1-2 days.

Carboxy Therapy Precautions after treatment

exercise after procedure Moving around a lot after the procedure Good (increased carboxylic acid efficacy/ Avoid strenuous exercise) Pulling, stiffness A pulling or stiff feeling can hear swelling You may feel swollen due to residual Co2. However, it disappears after 3 to 4 minutes. It’s a symptom Popping With residual Co2, crackling It may make noise, but naturally It disappears Feeling of a foreign body around Gas around the treatment area You may feel like you are spreading out. Shower timing You can shower on the day of the procedure. dizziness You may feel dizzy, so take your time Please stand up (if you feel dizzy) Requires time to calm down)

ppaetogseu Precautions after treatment

When to Shower/Bath You can shower on the day of the procedure. (No steam stimulation for 1 week: bath, massage, etc.) Drinking alcohol after surgery Avoid drinking alcohol for 1 week after the procedure. Please exercise after procedure Please refrain from excessive exercise for 2 weeks. (The treatment area may become bumpy) Square jaw surgery After the procedure, lie on one side or lift your chin. Please don’t cry square jaw treatment After the procedure, avoid eating tough foods such as squid. It is recommended that you refrain from doing so. square jaw treatment After the procedure, strong stimulation such as meridian massage Please refrain from using it for more than 1 week. trapezius muscle surgery Do not lift heavy loads after the procedure It is recommended calf procedure Please refrain from wearing high heels after the procedure. (Wear low heels less than 7cm)

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