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Body thread lifting essential reading

Precautions before body thread lifting

You must fast for 8 hours before surgery. However, only water (mineral water) can be consumed up to 200 cc up to 4 hours before surgery. You should avoid drinking alcohol for 1 week before surgery. From 1 week before surgery, you should not take aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, piroxicum, vitamin E, anti-inflammatory drugs, or arthritis medications that can cause bleeding. (However, you can take vitamin C, Tylenol, etc.) If you have a cold accompanied by high fever or severe cough, the surgery may need to be postponed, so please call in advance.

What to prepare on the day of body thread lifting

Driving on the day of surgery is strictly prohibited. Please come to the hospital wearing comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Please prepare glasses as you will not be able to wear contact lenses on the day of surgery. Be sure to remove all jewelry, including rings and earrings, as they may be lost. On the day of surgery, wear light makeup, do not apply body oil, and be sure to remove manicure and pedicure (including gel nails).

After body thread lifting surgery

There may be some swelling and pain for 2-3 days. If you take the prescribed medicine, your symptoms will be greatly alleviated, so be sure to take it. There may be some bruising, which will gradually subside over 1 to 2 weeks. During the procedure, a band is attached to the injection site where the cannula is inserted. You can take it off after 1 day. You can shower 24 hours after the procedure, and please dry the injection area well after showering. After the procedure, avoid drinking alcohol and saunas for 1 week. Avoid meridian massage for about 1 month. A few threads may come out within a few days after the procedure. In this case, do not be alarmed and should visit the hospital for treatment (cutting). Exercise is possible two days after the procedure. Increased elasticity begins from 1 month and gradually appears from 3 months. Carboxy and Ender Plus are available after 2 months. You can receive high or low frequencies immediately after thread lifting. If you are a liposuction patient, you may or may not wear a compression garment.

Consultation inquiry

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