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Precautions before Lams

Before LAMS treatment

Meal required on the day Eat before the procedure Please come. (Dizziness and hand tremors after the procedure) symptom prevention) What to wear on the day of the procedure On the day of the procedure, ample and dark Please wear long colored clothes (There may be swelling after the procedure) Use public transportation On the day of the procedure, Self-driving is prohibited. hydration On the day of the procedure, drink water Please do enough Please refrain from drinking alcohol.

After LAMS treatment

solution flow The injected solution may leak out. and may appear red (You can let the solution flow) taking antibiotics Antibiotics prescribed for inflammation Take it because it is necessary for prevention. Please comply When to Shower/Bath Shower starting 24 hours after the procedure Available (sauna, half-body bath, etc.) (Available after scabs settle) wound care Do not intentionally remove the strap band. You should let it fall naturally, 1 week after the procedure, apply Duoderm for 2 weeks. Please do. (Replacement every 1~2 days) Possible symptoms Immediately after the procedure, palpitations, hand tremors, Dizziness, etc. occurs 6 to 8 hours after onset. It will disappear soon pain and bruising Tingling, swelling, pain, injection marks and bruising within at least 2 to several weeks It disappears naturally, and the tingling sensation Redness also gradually improves.clumping phenomenon Parts of the skin become tightly packed together A bumpy feeling along with the phenomenon, There may be some pulling, but it takes 2 to 4 weeks. It will disappear (there are individual differences) It may take more than that) Aftercare and weight control Follow-up care to increase effectiveness You must receive it regularly and control your weight. It is recommended that you do this (if necessary) Prescription medications that help with weight control (prescription available) exercise after procedure Light exercise on the day of the procedure (Walking, etc.) is possible, starting from the next day. You can exercise without restrictions Be careful of stimulation such as massage Like meridian massage Stimulation that applies strong pressure can cause bruises. For 1 week as it may cause Forbidden.

Post-LAMS care precautions

Nausea after the procedure Nausea after the procedure There may be It will gradually improve Bruises at the treatment area Bruising may occur Disappears after 1-2 weeks (There are individual differences, Thighs take more) Shower timing The shower Available on the same day as the procedure Visit branch once a week The provinces that were broken after Lams For smooth discharge Visit the branch once a week It is recommended Relief from itching If the treatment area is itchy, Don’t scratch, use an ice pack It will be helpful if you do this.

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