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Liposuction, why365mc

Obesity, focus on only one thing Why isn’t there a hospital?

One question gave birth to today’s 365mc. Our stubborn journey to treat obesity over the past 20 years has come to fruition thanks to the trust and support we have received from many customers. there is.

  • Surprising number of obesity treatment cases exceeding 5 million
  • Overwhelming number of liposuction surgeries over 30,000 per year
  • Over 200,000 obesity treatment success stories written by customers
  • Obesity treatment network with 22 branches nationwide
  • Officially certified by the Korea Record Bureau as the largest liposuction surgery hospital in Korea
  • Publishing specialized books on RAMS, liposuction, liposuction revision surgery, etc. based on enormous experience and know-how
  • 365mc Hospital received the Minister of Health and Welfare Award 7 times

365mc went one step further by completing the largest ever ‘Local E Tower’ and opening ‘Global 365mc Hospital’… Approximately 670 executives and employees of the 365mc nationwide network have focused only on obesity and are confidently presenting We will do our best to provide our customers with confidence with 365mc’s advanced obesity treatment.

obese, better Is there a cure?

September 12, 2017 365mc announced the historic start of ‘artificial intelligence liposuction’ with Microsoft (MS). How was 365mc’s challenge to pioneer a new field called ‘artificial intelligence’ in liposuction surgery possible? This is because we stubbornly focused on only one method of treating obesity. Because we did not settle in one place and ran toward change and challenge, 365mc can confidently say that it was possible.

  • Asian Fat Congress host hospital selected and liposuction live surgery performed
  • Domestic and international academic research activities, including the establishment of an obesity research center
  • International Obesity Medicine Conference held
  • Patent application for liposuction and obesity surgery
  • Development and development of independent new concept obesity treatment LAMS (LAMS) and Muhan LAMS
  • Introduction to the American AAAM Society for three consecutive years and an invited lecture by Muhan Rams at the AACS Society!
  • With the innovation of ‘artificial intelligence liposuction’
  • – The first Korean medical industry to be invited and present at the Microsoft Inspire Conference (Las Vegas)
  • – Selected as ‘Asia’s Representative Artificial Intelligence Innovation Case’ by Microsoft
  • – Received the Minister of Health and Welfare Award!

Today, 365mc prepares for a future in which 365mc will become the standard for obesity treatment around the world, so that our knowledge and medical technology can erase your worries, and today’s cheers can become tomorrow’s better obesity treatment.

Treat obesity more effectively Can’t it be cured?

Is the role of a hospital finished with only procedures or surgeries? 365mc answers with a resounding ‘No’. Even if people are of the same height and weight Just as body composition is different, obesity treatment must be based on accurate diagnosis and testing, followed by post-care to double the effect of surgery. In addition, since obesity is different from plastic surgery or beauty treatment, from a specialized perspective on obesity treatment to maintain and further enhance the effect after obesity treatment, All processes must be reviewed and moved forward.

  • Precision obesity diagnosis system using 3D, ultrasound, etc.
  • Establishment of a dedicated meal diary and my home chart
  • Opening of a dietary and nutrition counseling center exclusively for surgical patients and issuing dedicated dietary prescriptions
  • Operating a post-care program exclusively for liposuction customers
  • World’s first! Launch of application dedicated to post-liposuction care
  • First introduction/implementation of real name system for anesthesiologists
  • 24/7 customer information center, introduction of 24-hour artificial intelligence mobile guidance chatbot

365mc provides specialized obesity medical services in all areas, including diet and behavior modification therapy even after surgical treatment. From the first meeting with the customer to home care that begins when leaving the hospital… The entire process is reviewed from a single ‘obesity treatment’ perspective.

obesity treatment, global standard future 365mc

A lot of people talk about it. ‘Is it necessary for an obesity treatment hospital, which is not an acute care hospital, to have the same high standards as 365mc?’ 365mc’s interest is not in being one of the leading hospitals in Korea for obesity treatment or simply being the best hospital in Asia. This is because borders are meaningless when it comes to ‘better obesity treatment’ and the history of innovation that goes beyond the best must continue to be written. 365mc believes that the step beyond today’s 365mc is impossible without a process of self-denial and reform. Rather than department store-style treatment, we are constantly thinking about how to focus more specifically and increase satisfaction within obesity and obesity treatment alone. As a result, the decision to declare and implement more professional anesthesia and safety management, and the ‘ultra-customer satisfaction principle’ that ‘the customer is right’ was a decision made at the peak of these concerns.We believe that the core of ‘obesity’ treatment is to go beyond changes in body shape and provide a ‘happy turning point’ to change each and every customer’s life and make the world a better place. 365mc will continue its challenge to make an innovative leap forward in the world of obesity treatment with artificial intelligence based on big data, to become the global standard for obesity treatment worldwide beyond Korea, and to achieve an obesity-free day for all mankind at the peak of the future.

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