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Liposuction Obesity diet and nutrition

Obesity treatment is liposuction.

Although liposuction can reduce a lot of size at once, it is up to the customer to maintain the changed body shape for a long time. No matter how beautiful your body shape is, if you repeat bad eating habits such as nutritional imbalance or binge eating, there is a high possibility that your size will increase again or lead to obesity. This is because we eat food throughout our lives and choose for ourselves what and how much to eat, which becomes our eating habits and affects the lines and sizes of our bodies every day. This is also the reason why many people do not think of liposuction as a one-time cosmetic surgery. Obesity alone 365mc provides customized dietary and nutritional counseling services for systematic and professional obesity treatment. Through 1:1 customized consultation with a professional clinical nutritionist, we provide effective weight management through dietary control, proper diet management and nutritional management, dietary diagnosis through food diaries, and specific action plans that can be applied to daily life.

Is there really an ultimate diet that works for everyone?

A customer who works overtime a lot, a customer who lives alone, or a customer who brings a late-night snack every day? Each customer has a different situation, such as someone who lives with their husband or someone who is allergic to certain foods. Also, although there are many diets floating around online, there are ingredients that are difficult to access and eat as is every day. We eat out, but we do not cook and eat every day. At 365mc Obesity Diet and Nutrition Centers nationwide, we provide professional consultation after identifying the customer’s overall eating pattern, including lifestyle, sleep pattern, daily diet, water intake, and meal speed, and provide personalized diet, water intake, and exercise method. We are issuing a ‘dietary prescription’. This is not done by printing the same menu in large quantities and distributing it all together. If you have failed so far, it is not that you have not been able to stick to your diet, but that you have been trying with a diet that you cannot stick to. 365mc provides real dietary prescriptions that can be put into practice and change, rather than diet methods that can be learned through text.

Liposuction, Wouldn’t it be great if it could become a habit more easily?

Obesity treatment is a matter of behavior, not theory, and behavior modification therapy is important. Since 2014, the 365mc Obesity Diet and Nutrition Center has established a Diet and Nutrition Committee comprised of family medicine specialists and clinical dietitian nutritionists nationwide, and is developing a variety of behavior modification therapies through regular meetings held every other week. We are continuously verifying whether the introduced behavior modification therapies are easy for customers to practice and whether they can be maintained for a long time and become a habit, and are being developed and perfected by reflecting customers’ opinions. Recently, in order to provide solutions and specialized services optimized for the customer environment in line with the IT era, we are providing remote nutritional consultations to continuously monitor the dietary habits of customers who cannot visit the hospital. In addition, 365mc, one of the representative behavior modification therapies, developed its own food diary optimized for obesity as a food diary application rather than a notebook, a dietary nutrition service that introduced smart technology so that it can be easily and conveniently written, stored, and analyzed anywhere. is being implemented.

365mc Obesity Diet and Nutrition Center

365mc Obesity Diet and Nutrition Center shares accumulated know-how and expertise based on over 4 million cases of obesity treatment and dietary counseling through various academic research and education. We have published a specialized dietary and nutrition book, , which focuses on behavior modification therapy, and we also provide a dietary nutrition column service and publish healthy eating guidelines every month. In particular, improving eating habits is more important than anything else in the treatment of obesity, so in response to inquiries and suggestions from people seeking help with weight management or diet after receiving liposuction surgery at other hospitals, 365mc is the first to expand the opportunity to surgery customers at other hospitals. Therefore, we provide dietary counseling services optimized solely for obesity. In addition, regular lectures on correct eating habits are held every year, such as a special lecture on diet after the college entrance exam, a special lecture on childhood obesity, and a special lecture on postpartum obesity, as well as field training in connection with universities for prospective nutrition counseling professionals, expert answers from Naver intellectual nutritionists, and diet recipe contests, etc. 365mc By sharing our knowledge, we are taking the lead in creating a proper and healthy diet culture not only in our own knowledge but in Korea and around the world.

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