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365mc obesity academic research

Sharing K-liposuction know-how

On the morning of the 5th, 365mc Hospital held an international acawdemic seminar on the topic of ‘The reality of double chin Lams’ in the hospital’s operating room located near Gyodae Station in Seoul. This event was prepared to share the technology and know-how of the ‘double chin Lams’ treatment method, which is currently receiving the hottest response among Lams treatment programs. On this day, the seminar was held with domestic obesity treatment experts attending the site and connecting Indonesian medical staff live to demonstrate the Lams procedure (live surgery) and discuss it while broadcasting. We ask for your interest so that the ‘K-liposuction‘ craze follows ‘K-Idol’ and ‘K-drama’.

Heopagoli begins research and development

On the 30th of last month, 365mc signed a business agreement (MOU) with Vivian Co., Ltd., a women’s underwear brand, for joint research and development of women’s shapewear underwear. The signing ceremony held at the Vivian headquarters conference room in Yongsan-gu, Seoul was attended by 365mc CEO Kim Nam-cheol and Vivian CEO Son Young-seop. This agreement was conducted with a focus on producing body line correction products in accordance with the trend of preferring a healthy body. The two companies plan to present unprecedented powerful body shape correction underwear by combining Vivian’s unrivaled underwear production know-how with 365mc of big data on women’s body shape accumulated by obesity treatment staff using cutting-edge equipment such as 3D scanners. The first product that both companies will introduce through this agreement is the hip pad girdle ‘Lungpagori’. It is a functional product that fills out the volume by making the waist ‘narrow’ and the pelvis and buttocks ‘full’ with a highly elastic band and pad. Kim Nam-cheol, CEO of 365mc Co., Ltd., said at the signing ceremony that day, “We hope that all women will get one step closer to achieving the body they aim for through the ‘Lungpagori’ shapewear that we will launch together with Vivian, a women’s specialty underwear brand with 66 years of tradition.” “We will introduce differentiated products that will maximize the beauty of women by passing on the know-how we have accumulated over 20 years of studying the body,” he said. Vivian CEO Son Young-seop expressed his thoughts on the agreement, saying, “We are working with 365mc to develop a variety of new products in line with the trend of pursuing healthy beauty.” He added, “We will continue to actively launch products that meet customer needs through continued collaboration.” Meanwhile, Lung Ring is 365mc’s representative body shape correction program that ‘tightens the waist and

365mc Lams Utility Joint Research’ MOU signed

365mc, a medical institution specializing in liposuction, is beginning joint research on Rams, a representative procedure, with Professor Chang-Hoon Heo’s research team in the Department of Dermatology at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital. On the 21st, 365mc signed a business agreement (MOU) with Professor Heo Chang-hoon, a dermatologist at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, for a joint research project on the efficacy of LAMS (minimally invasive fat extraction under local anesthesia). At the agreement ceremony held in the main auditorium of Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, Kim Nam-cheol, CEO of 365mc, and Professor Heo Chang-hoon attended and agreed to embark on a joint project to achieve published research results related to the effectiveness of minimally invasive fat extraction under local anesthesia. Meanwhile, Rams, which has the same excellent body shape improvement effect as liposuction but is also convenient as it does not require incisions, anesthesia, or compression garments, has satisfied many medical consumers and has broken the record of more than 1.34 million bottles as of May 2023.

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