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365mc, Suction Fat Analysis Medical Research Institute

The beginning of hyper-personalized obesity treatment

There is a lot of information in suctioned fat. Of course, whether the surgery was safe, You can also find an obesity treatment plan that is optimized for you. 365mc established the ‘Suctioned Fat Analysis Medical Research Institute’ for the sole purpose of treating obesity. We are challenging research that can surpass existing liposuction.

Suction Fat Analysis Medical Research Institute

This is an artificial intelligence big data company specializing in obesity. 365mc Networks established Monicell and opened the 365mc Suctioned Fat Analysis Medical Research Institute. The research team consists of full-time master’s and doctoral level researchers from related departments, including Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology Director Jeong Hyeon-ho and team leader Kim Jin-ok, who have a doctorate in life sciences, to conduct specialized research on fat cells. In addition to cell characterization equipment, real-time flow cytometry, we have over 100 types of fat cell research equipment, including automatic cell counters, genetic imaging analysis equipment, and nitrogen storage tanks. We are conducting research with the goal of developing new technologies for obesity treatment and liposuction through analysis and research of human fat data.

Human fat profiling & ingredient analysis

365mc profiles approximately 30 tons of human fat extracted through 50,000 liposuction and LAMS per year on a case-by-case basis and adipocyte-based basis.

Analysis of fat cells and obesity treatment mechanisms

Based on more than 5 million medical cases accumulated since the establishment of 365mc in 2003, all information related to pre-operative diagnosis, postoperative recovery process, and final results of each case of suctioned fat is converted into big data and applied with AI artificial intelligence algorithm. Development of customized liposuction surgery method for race, gender, constitution, etc. We aim to secure a world-class competitive edge in the field of liposuction and obesity treatment through research on human fat, including personalized liposuction surgery methods, prediction of liposuction prognosis and results, development of new technologies for obesity treatment according to fat cells, and expansion of liposuction safety systems.

Consultation inquiry

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