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Liposuction injections attracting world attention

Lams History

Lams is receiving a lot of attention and praise for its effectiveness and excellence not only from customers but also from domestic and international academic circles. In fact, invited lectures are given every year at renowned global obesity and aesthetic societies such as AAAM and AACS. Requests for official adoption of Lams and live demonstrations by overseas medical staff are also being carried out consistently.

“I look forward to the future of Lams, a new obesity treatment method that takes modern aesthetic medicine technology to the next level. “I hope that 365mc, which has a high level of knowledge about obesity treatment, will represent Korea and widely share advanced obesity treatment methods like Lams with many countries.” Michel Delune, M.D / International President, AAAM

“I heard that 365mc, based on its excellent medical staff and know-how, is leading the way in motion capture and artificial intelligence-assisted liposuction (M.A.I.L.) in partnership with Lams as well as Microsoft. The newly opened Global 365mc Hospital is confident that it will become a leader in obesity treatment with its technology such as LAMS/M.A.I.L. and the largest liposuction surgery experience in Korea. ”  Raul J. Rosenthal, MD,FASMBS / 2015-16 ASMBS President

liposuction injection syndrome

Lams provides customers with a more comfortable treatment experience. In order to see a more certain effect, So that more people can experience it It continues to change and become new.

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