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The story of elasticity and Lams’ liposuction

elasticity Lams

One of the many questions about Lams 365mc fat extraction injection is whether elasticity will decrease if a lot of fat is removed. Even when hit by Lams, elasticity does not decrease. Through ongoing research by 365mc Lams medical staff, it has been discovered that the microstimulation of skin tissue delivered when fat is extracted through a Lams-specific cannula actually strengthens skin elasticity. The principle is that when a wound occurs and new skin grows, it actually becomes more manly.

365mc elasticity Lams’ liposuction

Elasticity Lams uses 365mc Lams Center’s solid obesity treatment know-how to combine drugs optimized for fat extraction and elasticity, and uses special equipment to simultaneously act on the skin layer, subcutaneous fat layer, and muscle layer to reduce size and strengthen skin elasticity and muscles.

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