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Lams Dictionary 1

Is it possible to have a Lams face as well?

Yes it is possible. Lams in the facial area include double chin Lams and cheek salams.

Can’t I get fat grafting to the desired area after fat extraction?

The areas available for transplantation to other areas after fat extraction are limited due to the management of post-procedure side effects, differences in fat engraftment rates, and differences in transplantation techniques. Among them, the most commonly performed procedure is lung ring LAMS, which involves transplanting fat extracted from the waist to the pelvis. However, availability may vary depending on the 365mc branch, and areas where the process can be performed may also vary, so it is recommended to consult with the branch.

Is diet necessary after the procedure?

When you manage your weight through diet, not only subcutaneous fat but also muscle fat decreases. In particular, because subcutaneous fat is reduced in the treatment area, it can promote the reduction of muscle layer fat and deep fat tissue during weight loss. Therefore, as the size of the muscle and deep fat layer decreases, the skin shrinks more, which can have a greater effect on size reduction. The results of the 365mc study showed that the change in size between customers who lost about 2.5 kg in one month after LAMS and those who did not showed a difference of at least 2 to 8 times.

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