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Lams Dictionary 2

When do I start to see size changes?

The timing of size changes after LAMS varies greatly because the size changes begin as the swelling in the treatment area subsides. It may be visible the day after the procedure or within a week. Typically, changes after the procedure are seen around a week when the swelling decreases. The appearance time may vary depending on the degree of fibrosis of the fat in the treatment area, the amount of extracted fat, the degree and presence of strength training before the procedure, the degree of skin elasticity, and the customer’s age.

After LAMS, won’t the area where the fat was removed become saggy?

If a large amount of suction is administered in the extremely obese state, which is commonly found in foreign countries, sagging skin may occur, but for body types commonly seen in Asia, sagging skin does not occur even if a large amount of fat is removed with LAMS. During the post-lamination healing process, tissues stick together slightly and heal, which actually helps with skin elasticity.

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