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Hospital grade liposuction1

Liposuction hospital is 365mc

Most medical institutions that perform liposuction in Korea are ‘clinics.’ The real liposuction hospital is 365mc Hospital. In the American liposuction textbook, large-volume liposuction is It is clearly stated that it is emphasized that surgery should be performed at a ‘hospital’ level.

liposuction surgery

Hospital-level, specialized personnel for liposuction Making it easy for everyone isn’t in 365mc Hospital’s interest. 365mc only performs fat absorption surgery at team “hospital level” medical institutions, where safety and results are paramount. We operate a team dedicated to local treatment, recovery, aftercare, and diet nutrition that specializes in suction surgery.

Personnel dedicated to safety anesthesia

365mc Hospital has an anesthesiologist or a dedicated safety anesthesia team at each hospital. We ensure that liposuction is completed safely through real-time monitoring before, during, and after surgery until recovery. In particular, in high-risk groups or cases deemed necessary based on the medical judgment of medical staff, Anesthesiologists directly perform anesthesia, and we have established a system in which anesthesiologists thoroughly monitor and respond.

Infection control team

Liposuction surgery at 365mc Hospital is performed by a dedicated infection control team to ensure a safe surgical environment. Daily monitoring for a cleaner surgical environment Our dedicated infection control team, which can provide regular in-hospital infection control training, does its best to ensure a safe liposuction surgery environment for our customers.

Aftercare dedicated team

Post-operative management of 365mc Hospital liposuction is mandatory, not optional. The dedicated aftercare team ensures that customers recover quickly after liposuction surgery. We are working hard for this. At the surgical site intensive care center, a dedicated after-care team will provide one-on-one customized treatment and help relieve discomfort and allow you to rest. In addition, a dedicated after-care team handles condition management and dietary nutrition counseling to adjust diet, as is done for the 7-week recovery period after Push One.

Consultation inquiry

If you have any questions about Liposuction korea, ask 365mc Hospital. We will consult with you more easily and quickly.
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