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Liposuction customer satisfaction

client satisfaction

The only thing that won’t make you lose weight at 365mc is: Best customer satisfaction. 365mc’s top priority and foundation for existence are customers. Satisfaction with obesity treatment is more important than anything else, not only based on medical judgment, but also on the level of satisfaction felt by the customer. With 365mc’s commitment and will not to miss out on customer satisfaction points and even the last 0.01% of regrets. Rather than estimating results through sampling, we conduct a full survey of liposuction satisfaction rates through a dedicated team.

Liposuction customer satisfaction rate

The 365mc liposuction customer satisfaction rate is statisticized by obtaining satisfaction scores on surgical results and services from all customers who have passed two months after surgery. The survey has been conducted since 2011, and since 2013, the results of customer evaluations have been transparently disclosed every month on the website. As this is a highly accurate customer satisfaction survey in which all surgical customers participated, 365mc uses this to index and objectify customer satisfaction scores and continuously manage long-term accumulated indicators by analyzing satisfaction levels by region, surgery surgeon, and center in detail. As a window to directly listen to customers’ voices, we are contributing to ultimately increasing satisfaction with liposuction surgery by introducing various systems and services.

Consultation inquiry

If you have any questions about Liposuction korea, ask 365mc Hospital. We will consult with you more easily and quickly.
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