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365mc AI liposuction news 4

Obtained patent for artificial intelligence liposuction formula

365mc artificial intelligence liposuction has obtained an official patent from the Korean Intellectual Property Office. Liposuction surgery involves directly extracting fat from the body using a cannula under the surgeon’s touch and feel. It is considered the most effective method among existing obesity treatment and body shape improvement surgeries, There were differences in surgical results depending on the surgeon’s experience and skills, and it was disappointing that it took time to reach the final surgical result. As the number of cases increases and the scale increases, 365mc feels a greater and heavier responsibility. By stubbornly focusing on one thing and experiencing a huge number of cases, 365mc always encounters various needs and improvements for better liposuction during clinical trials or liposuction surgery. To provide the safest and most effective liposuction in the world through our cases and technology. 365mc will continue to fulfill its responsibilities. thank you

365mc obesity research and development expenditure exceeds KRW 5 billion

The research and development cost of 365mc, which has been researching only one treatment for obesity, has exceeded 5 billion won (5.49 billion won as of March 19, 2021). 365mc’s research and development (R&D) is growing as quickly and significantly every year as the cumulative obesity treatment cases exceed 5 million. 365mc has continued to invest generously in the development of obesity-specific medical healthcare technology with world-class research and development partners. 365mc’s motto for 2021 is “Challenge beyond yourself.” 365mc stubbornly and unwaveringly looks at obesity alone, but when it comes to obesity alone, we try to be more innovative and bolder than anyone else and try not to set limits. To solve the problem of obesity, which is 365mc’s mission and a challenge for all mankind, we will continue research and development activities in collaboration with top-level partners in various fields beyond academic fields and borders such as humanities, medicine, and engineering.

Signed a business agreement with Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI)

365mc and Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI) signed a ‘business agreement for the development of endoscope technology for artificial intelligence-based liposuction’ at the Korea Electronics Technology Institute in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do. This agreement will apply AI algorithm-based data processing technology to develop endoscopic equipment technology specialized for liposuction. This was promoted to increase the safety of liposuction and examination by obtaining meaningful body information from image data. Unlike general endoscope equipment, the liposuction-specific endoscope equipment being researched and developed this time is different from general endoscope equipment for muscles, blood vessels, fat, nerves, etc. It is equipped with functions optimized for soft tissues in the body that have low rigidity characteristics. As an artificial intelligence big data company specializing in obesity, 365mc will continue to lead research on treating human obesity together with the world’s leading research partners.

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