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Liposuction with Lams 2

Removing fat directly means That it is directly related to effectiveness

This is why you can’t help but see results with just one Lams treatment. That is, “removing fat directly”. This is because of Lams’ fundamental and representative characteristics. Like the most powerful liposuction, fat is removed from problem areas. You can create a real effect by pulling it out directly, You can stay safer on yoyos too.

Simple and takes only 10 minutes

The time to extract fat directly with a syringe is Approximately 10 minutes per bottle during actual lunch time. It is a procedure that is light enough to require a visit to the hospital.

They don’t even use sedative anesthesia

It is also possible to immediately check the removed fat. It is also possible to talk to the doctor performing the procedure. It is possible to return to daily life after the procedure. It’s because I didn’t use sedative anesthesia. No incisions are made to remove fat. Therefore, cumbersome processes such as suturing and stitch removal are also necessary. Of course not. Oh and, I don’t even wear compression garments. Because LAMS is not surgery.

Consultation inquiry

If you have any questions about Liposuction korea, ask 365mc Hospital. We will consult with you more easily and quickly.
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