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Special Infinite Lams

Like Lams, Unlike Lams

Based on 365mc’s obesity treatment know-how, Lams provides the certainty of liposuction to directly remove fat and the surgical procedure. It is a new concept of obesity treatment that combines the advantages of simplicity. Remove fat like liposuction without sedation The most fundamental difference from many existing non-surgical obesity treatments is that many customers They chose it and praised its effectiveness. However, since it is a standard based on the bottles that Lams extracts, the appropriate number of bottles must be determined depending on the customer. If it is difficult, or if the area is large or the size is large, please tell us about the cost burden as the number of bottles increases. You did it. 365mc actively considers these customer opinions and maintains the advantages of Lams while maintaining Unlike Lams, we launched Infinite Lams, which uses a per-part pricing system rather than a bottle system.

How many bottles can be removed from the problem area?

Customers do not have to worry about how many bottles to drink. At Muhan Lams, medical staff with extensive experience in Lams procedures will provide customer care. The maximum amount of fat is removed while performing the Lams treatment directly on the area of ​​concern. It is possible to predict how many bottles will be produced in advance, but during the actual procedure, You can’t be as accurate as you judge. Muhan Lams is not per bottle, but per part. The procedure can be performed on all body parts, including thighs, abdomen, and forearms. Even if the area or size is large, you can receive it efficiently. The number of bottles is not determined in advance, and as much fat as possible is removed depending on the customer’s body type, area, muscle mass, and cellulite, so even if it is the same area, the number of bottles of extracted fat varies depending on the customer. Once you have decided on which area to undergo Muhan Lams treatment, you can now experience the best treatment with peace of mind.

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