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Liposuction FAQ 2

How much weight do you usually lose after liposuction?

Liposuction changes the size and line very differently depending on the extent of weight loss. Therefore, the greater the weight loss, the more dramatic effects can be expected. At 365mc, we actively help customers lose weight through post-liposuction care and increase customer satisfaction with the results of the surgery.

Is there a reason why you must wear compression garments?

Although compression garments do not directly affect the results of surgery, they are effective in relieving pain after liposuction and changing elastic lines. Therefore, we recommend that you wear it for about 2 weeks to a month .When can I feel size changes or effects after liposuction? For about 2 weeks after liposuction, you will not feel a significant change because the surgical area is swollen, but the line will recover to about 50-60% after about 4 weeks, and about 80-90% after about 7-8 weeks, so there will be no change in size or swelling. You can feel the effects. In particular, you may feel greater changes as you lose weight. (Of course, there are individual differences)

Will elasticity decrease further after liposuction?

It is rare for elasticity to decrease further after surgery. The skin has a tendency to stick as the wound recovers after surgery, so it does not fall any further than its current state, but if the weight loss is very severe and the customer has often experienced yo-yoing, the degree of sticking may be less.

How is the aftercare done?

Management after 365mc liposuction largely consists of a weight loss program and mechanical management that quickly improves bruising and swelling. In particular, through systematic dietary and nutritional counseling and 1:1 medical treatment to fundamentally improve eating habits, we provide free prescriptions for medications tailored to the customer’s constitution, and a total of 6 popular treatments proven to have 4 million treatments, all free of charge.

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