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Liposuction Before and After – Cost, Risks & Benefits


  • + They are average or underweight but still has genetic deposits of fat such as saddle bags, arms etc
  • + They are moderately overweight and has stubborn areas of fat or fat that is causing disproportion eg double chin, chest areas, tummy, waist line, thighs, arms, ankles etc
  • + Obese patient who have excessively large abdomen or bulky thighs that makes it difficult for them to exercise due to its effect on the knee joints or simply unable to walk if the thighs are rubbing against each other.


People who undergo Korean liposuction usually have a stable body weight but would like to remove undesirable deposits of body fat in specific parts of the body. Liposuction is not an overall weight-loss method. It is not a treatment for obesity. The procedure does not remove cellulite, dimples, or stretch marks. The aim is esthetic. It suits those who wish to change and enhance the contour of their body. Liposuction Korea permanently removes fat cells, altering the shape of the body. However, if the patient does not lead a healthy lifestyle after the operation, there is a risk that the remaining fat cells will grow bigger. The amount of fat that can be safely removed is limited.


Cosmetic surgery is still surgery, so there are some risks. You can help reduce them by making sure it is done only by a specially trained, board-certified cosmetic surgeon.

  • There are several possible risks directly related to liposuction that you still have to consider, including:
  • + Bleeding
  • + Complications from anesthesia
  • + Shock (usually from not getting enough fluid during surgery)
  • + Fluid accumulation (pockets of fluid forming under the skin)
  • + Infections (strep, staph)
  • + Fat embolism (when tiny pieces of fat break away and block blood flow)
  • + Burns from instruments
  • + Uneven fat removal
  • + Reactions to lidocaine
  • + Change in skin sensation; numbness
  • + Damage to nerves, blood vessels, muscles, lungs, and abdominal organs
  • + Another risk is a blood clot in your deep veins. Clots can be very dangerous if they travel to other parts of your body, such as your



The fat cells are removed permanently during liposuction. But you can gain weight back, with new fat cells, which usually go to different areas of your body. To keep your new shape after surgery, follow a diet that includes lots of lean protein, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy. And exercise regularly.

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