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Hospital grade liposuction3

Hospital-level pre-screening system

365mc Hospital’s efforts to ensure safe surgery begins with pre-operative examination. 365mc Hospital provides information to customers who will undergo surgery before surgery. We conduct preliminary check-ups to check your physical condition. This is done after confirming that the doctor performing the surgery is in the best condition. In addition to the ‘dedicated condition management system for each area of ​​surgery’, this is to ensure that better results can be obtained by undergoing surgery in optimal conditions before surgery.

Health status and disease check-up

365mc Hospital operates a ‘clinical pathology room’ within the hospital, an independent space where only necessary clinical pathology tests are performed before surgery, and clinical pathologists, who are health professionals, are in full charge of the tests. Through various tests, including blood tests, we determine the customer’s health status and disease status and ensure safe surgery.

Check the thickness and distribution of the fat layer

Even if you have the same height and body type, the distribution of fat may vary from person to person and area to area. At 365mc Hospital, we accurately check the uniqueness of each customer’s body and the state of fat distribution. We strive to provide more precise and satisfactory surgical results through ultrasound examination and integrated diagnosis that checks the characteristics and elasticity of each skin.

Hospital-level obesity specialized medical institution

Seoul 365mc Hospital was promoted to a hospital-level medical institution in 2013 and is the first in the obesity/liposuction field. The entire 15-story building is equipped with a system that optimizes movement, equipment, and processes for each stage from before to after surgery. As a specialized liposuction hospital, we are performing an overwhelming number of liposuction surgeries, more than 10,000 cases per year. Seoul 365mc Hospital is equipped with a system and skilled medical staff that can produce the best liposuction results worldwide. It is playing a leading role in obesity treatment.

365mc sought from all over the world

Global 365mc Hospital (Daejeon) completed the construction of Korea’s largest ‘Jibgi Tower’ with a total of 12 floors. In January 2018, it was upgraded to a hospital-level ‘Global 365mc Hospital’ and opened. Global 365mc Hospital, home to the Global Liposuction Education Center and Artificial Intelligence Liposuction Research Institute, is expanding beyond Korea. Leading obesity treatment around the world.

Consultation inquiry

If you have any questions about Liposuction korea, ask 365mc Hospital. We will consult with you more easily and quickly.
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