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365mc heopagoli

heopagoli Lams

Heopagoli Lams makes it easier to use heopagoli, which creates a dramatic body line. The fat that ruins the body line is extracted using Lams fat extraction injection and transplanted directly to the pelvis/hip dip where volume is needed to create a glamorous line. Experience a three-dimensional body line that is slim yet voluminous.

Lams heopagoli without sedative anesthesia

Even if your waist is thin, your body line will be much more vivid. Create your waist line and pelvic line with Lams fat extraction injection, including the upper abdomen, lower abdomen, sides, waist line including love handles, and even the back of the neck.

Fat removed with Lams, volume up with pelvis

Create a glamorous and feminine line with volume from the thin waist line to the pelvic line. Complete the voluminous body by easily extracting fat and transplanting it all at once with Lams.

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