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365mc AI liposuction news 2

Participated in 365mc Shanghai International Beauty Expo

365mc participated in the ‘2019 China International Beauty Expo (CIBE)’ held in Shanghai, China. CIBE is Asia’s largest cosmetics and beauty exhibition and one of China’s leading beauty exhibitions. This exhibition was also held on a large scale, with an exhibition area of ​​230,000 pyeong. Exhibitions were held in various fields such as beauty fields such as cosmetics, hair, and nails, as well as health functional foods and beverages, oriental medicine and organic inner beauty food, healthcare, perfume, smart beauty machines, and medical services. About 2,200 companies and companies from all over the world participated in the exhibition. 18 countries, 500,000 professional buyers, 150 beauty celebrities, Wanghong, 800 buyer organizations, and 100 media outlets also participated. In particular, a forum lecture was held at the invitation of the organizer about the world’s first artificial intelligence liposuction system (M.A.I.L SYSTEM) developed jointly by 365mc and Microsoft. The lecture was given by Kim Nam-cheol, CEO of 365mc Networks, who was the first Korean medical professional to be invited to the Inspire Conference, Microsoft’s largest partner conference, in July of last year. Officials from China and Southeast Asia who participated in the expo showed great interest in introducing the technology, saying that they hope that many people in their countries will be able to safely undergo liposuction surgery through the big data of 365mc of liposuction, which is performed more than 2,000 times a month.

365mc AI forum held

365mc’s artificial intelligence liposuction system was introduced again at the Four Seasons Hotel in Seoul, where the new artificial intelligence liposuction technology presentation was first introduced to the public two years ago. The ‘2019 Medical AI Forum’ was held on June 12, 2019, and 365mc’s artificial intelligence liposuction system, M.A.I.L, was selected and introduced as Korea’s representative medical AI technology. Heo Seol, CDO (Chief Data Officer) of 365mc Networks, introduced cases of the artificial intelligence liposuction system applied to 365mc’s operating room under the theme of ‘Past, Present, and Future of Artificial Intelligence Liposuction System’ and discussed future directions. Possibilities were also introduced. CDO Heo Seol said, “The need for artificial intelligence in the medical field that deals with human disease and life is becoming a more important topic than any other field,” adding, “The data that doctors can access is accumulated and linked, including tests, treatments, and existing cases. “As a result, medical practitioners can move away from general and popular treatments and expand into personalized and sophisticated treatments,” he explained. He also expressed his ambition, saying, “We are honored to be able to introduce the artificial intelligence liposuction system developed by 365mc as a representative medical AI technology, and we will strive to become a representative medical AI technology not only in Korea but around the world.”

365mc introduced in Korea policy briefing

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of Korea introduced 365mc’s artificial intelligence liposuction M. A. I. L. System through the Korea Policy Briefing page. Motion capture and Artificial Intelligence assisted Liposuction, this mail system is showing a new vision of liposuction surgery by combining motion capture technology and artificial intelligence. Via the mail system Liposuction surgeons’ surgeries are becoming more sophisticated. The safety of liposuction surgery is maximized. You can see the results right away and follow-up treatment is possible for better results. 365mc will devote itself to research for more advanced liposuction and strive to provide satisfaction with innovative medical technology.

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