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WANTING 90 Degree shoulders and goodbye flabby arms!

If you are concerned about your flabby arms and the appearance of your arms due to accumulated fat, along with sagging skin that droops downwards, causing dissatisfaction with the upper body contour, you might have dreamt of having straight shoulders at least once.

straight sholders at least once
straight shoulders at least once

While you may want to improve your arms by targeting the accumulated fat and achieving what is commonly referred to as 90 degree shoulders,” it can be challenging to remove only the fat accumulated in the arms. The area from the shoulders to the elbows is prone to the formation of cellulite in addition to fat accumulation, which adds to the concern. Despite attempting various methods of dieting, the stubborn fat in the arms may persist, preventing you from achieving the desired straight shoulder line.

Liposuction surgery for the upper arms, also known as brachioplasty, directly extracts fat cells by inserting a medical tube into the subcutaneous fat layer. Despite investing significant time in dieting and exercise to achieve smooth and firm body contours, dissatisfaction with the arms often remains. This area encompasses not only the upper arms but also the surrounding areas such as the shoulders, triceps, armpits, and bra line, where fat is uniformly distributed, allowing for a high level of satisfaction with the resulting changes.

To achieve the desired transformation to a straight shoulder line, Seoul 365mc utilizes a special technique called cross-technique. This involves overlapping the outer line of the arms and the line extending from the shoulders during liposuction surgery. By applying this expertise, we aim to precisely target and shape the arm contour, enhancing the appearance of the arms as they extend from the shoulders.

As a medical institution dedicated to obesity research and treatment for over 21 years, we are committed to providing the best efforts to address our customers’ concerns. Based on a vast database of over 6.1 million obesity treatment cases and success stories, we offer personalized consultations tailored to individual needs and lifestyles. By considering factors such as changes in arm size, shape, and thickness when arms are placed against the body or held up, we plan to create a customized solution to achieve straight shoulders.

Look at our work below :

Even if you think your arms are thin and do not require liposuction, if the upper arms extending from the shoulders appear rounded, it may affect the overall straight-line appearance of the arms and accentuate the roundness of the shoulders. Since the arms are a highly visible area and are sensitive due to the thinness of the skin and the distribution of nerves, meticulous planning of liposuction surgery is essential to achieve satisfactory results. At Seoul 365mc Hospital, we typically make a small incision of 1-2 mm on the inner side of the armpit, which is not normally exposed, to minimize visible scarring, allowing you to confidently wear sleeveless tops and bikinis in the summer.

Even subtle changes in the arm contour can lead to significant improvements in the overall upper body contour. As liposuction directly removes fat cells, it not only changes the contour but also eliminates concerns such as cellulite that may have made the skin uneven and bumpy.

We also provide tailored dietary counseling with clinical nutritionists to help you maintain your diet consistently. If the cause of obesity is related to factors such as binge eating, we offer outpatient consultations and medication prescriptions to help overcome obesity.

If you’ve been concerned about flabby arms due to accumulated fat, we invite you to relieve your concerns by undergoing liposuction surgery for the upper arms at our hospital today!

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Please also note that results depend on your fat amount, skin elasticity, muscles and bone structure, so it’s best to consult in person at the hospital to check expected outcomes and recommended procedures to get the results you want.

For the recommendations tailored to your case and booking an appointment at 365mc Liposuction & LAMS Hospital in Seoul, South Korea, please contact us for the free consultation!

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