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Get to Know more about LAMS

in Korea at Seoul 365MC Hospital


Hello! This is LipoManiac 365MC.
Today, we will be sharing some information about LAMS and this could help those who wish to come to Korea to get LAMS done.

In-person consultation -> Get designed by Doctor -> LAMS -> Post- treatment.

If you wish to do LAMS for more than 2-3 parts,
you might need to come for 2 days to completely finish all the parts you desire to do.

In-Person Consultation

The first step in your LAMS journey is the in-person consultation.
During this session, you will first meet with a consultant to discuss your goals, medical history, and any concerns you may have.
The consultant will evaluate your overall health and determine if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure.
This is also an opportunity to ask questions and gain a clear understanding of what to expect before, during, and after the surgery.

Get designed by Doctor

Following the consultation, you will meet with the doctor who will create a customized treatment plan.
This plan outlines the treatment areas, the amount of fat to be removed, and the techniques to be used.
The doctor will also provide pre-operative instructions to ensure you are prepared for the surgery.
This personalized approach aligns the procedure with your desired outcomes and enhances the effectiveness of LAMS.
You can ask any additional questions during this meeting.


img 2 LAMS

1. Local Anesthesia
The first step is doing infection to your and in the LAMS procedure is the administration of local anesthesia.
This ensures that the patient is comfortable and pain-free throughout the process.
Unlike general anesthesia, local anesthesia only numbs the specific area being treated, allowing for a quicker recovery.

2. Peripheral Dissolution
Once the area is anesthetized, a special fat decomposition solution is introduced.
This solution is specifically formulated to target and break down the fat cells, making them easier to remove.
This step is crucial for the efficient dissolution of the fat layer and prepares the body for the subsequent stages of the procedure.

3. Tunneling
After the fat cells have been sufficiently broken down, the next step involves creating a tunnel for fat discharge.
A small, precise incision is made, and a cannula (a thin tube) is inserted to create a pathway through which the dissolved fat can be extracted.
This tunneling technique ensures that the fat removal process is streamlined and effective.

4. Fat Extraction
With the tunnel in place, the extraction of fat begins. A liposuction syringe is used to carefully extract the dissolved fat from the body.
The precision of this step is vital to ensure that the desired contour is achieved and that the removal process is thorough and even.


5. Repeat Fat Extraction
To ensure optimal results, the fat extraction process is often repeated.
This second round of extraction allows the surgeon to refine the contours and remove any remaining pockets of dissolved fat.
This step is essential for achieving a smooth and natural-looking outcome.

6. Apply Band Strap and Gauze
Once all the targeted fat has been removed, the final step is to apply a band strap and gauze.
This is to prevent the holes from opening and actually it prevents the solution from leaking excessively and helps to compress the skin.
It is served to cover the needle holes. Usually close within 2-3 days.

Post-Treatment after LAMS

Laser therapy helps reduce inflammation and swelling by promoting better blood circulation. This helps to minimize swelling and accelerates the healing process. Also, this can alleviate pain by reducing inflammation, which are natural painkillers in the body. As we all know, laser therapy can speed up the wound healing process too. It contributes to a smoother and faster recovery process, ensuring better outcomes for patients which improves skin texture and tone, leading to better aesthetic results.

img 4 done!


Congratulations! You’ve completed your procedure. Now, all you need to do is rest well. We recommend having a good meal and drinking plenty of water after the procedure. The next day, you can resume your normal daily routine. Light exercise, such as a 30-minute walk, is beneficial if possible, as it helps reduce swelling.

For more detailed informations what to do after lams, please visit

Conclusion, LAMS
As for the advance booking, we would need a month in advance for the consultation appointment and upon the consultation we can schedule the procedure date.


Useful Phrases:

– 안녕하세요 (Annyeonghaseyo) – Hello

– 감사합니다 (Gamsahamnida) – Thank you

– 병원 (Byeongwon) – Hospital

– 약 (Yak) – Medicine

–  약국 (Yak Guk) – Pharmacy

– 도와주세요 (Dowa Juseyo) – Please help

-아파요(Apayo) – It’s painful

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