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What to do after LAMS?


Solution Flow

The solution injected immediately after the procedure may leak through the needle point and may appear red.If a lot of the injected solution leaks out, wipe it with a clean towel or replace it with new gauze. When replacing gauze, remove it slowly to avoid skin damage, disinfect with povidone, and replace it with new gauze.

img 2 Disinfection is important

Antibiotic Intake

Please adhere to taking the 3-day supply of antibiotics prescribed on the day of the procedure as they are necessary to prevent inflammation.

Showering 24 Hours After the Procedure

Showering is possible 24 hours after the procedure.Baths where the treated area is submerged, such as saunas and half baths, should only be done after a complete scab has formed on the treated area.When showering, be sure to remove the gauze, and it can be easily removed by soaking it in water and gently rubbing it.After showering, make sure to dry the wound thoroughly. You may use ointment if necessary.Do not deliberately remove the sterile strips during showering or daily activities. Let them fall off naturally.

img3 Shower after 24 hours!


You may experience dizziness repeatedly for 24 hours immediately after the procedure. If dizziness occurs, sit down in place and move slowly once it improves.Hand tremors and palpitations may also persist for about a day but will improve.For thigh procedure clients, wear compression leggings, stockings, or girdles for 24 hours post-procedure to minimize dizziness and bruising.

img 4 Be careful! Dizziness Occurs!

Post-Procedure Symptoms such as Bruising, Swelling and Lumps

Bruising, swelling, slight pain, injection needle marks, bruising, and lumpiness in the treated area are normal reactions and will naturally disappear within a few days to weeks. Additionally, there may be stinging redness around the injection needle hole, but it will gradually improve. Visit the branch once a week. It is recommended to relieve itching. If the treatment area is itchy, do not scratch it, use an ice pack. It will be helpful if you do this. Some areas of the skin may harden, and you may feel a bumpy sensation and tightness, which will gradually disappear after about 6 months as the biochemical changes at the fat removal site are completed.

img 5 Keep On Moving!!!

Post-Procedure Care and Weight Control

To enhance the effect, you should consistently receive post-procedure care and manage your weight. (Prescription of specialized medications to assist with weight control is available if necessary.)Exercise after the procedure will be strongly recommended too. Light exercise such as walking and stretching is possible on the day of the procedure. Although individual differences exist, it is advisable to avoid strenuous exercise for about 1-2 weeks.

Prohibition of Acupressure and Massage + Cold/Hot Compresses (Electric Blankets

Avoid strong pressure on the treated area, such as acupressure massage, for a week post-procedure as it can cause severe bruising. Also, you may feel a numbing sensation and decreased sensitivity, so avoid using cold/hot compresses and electric blankets for a week.

img 6 Prohibited!

img 7 LAMS is the best solution

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