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Get rid of the saddle bag and create thigh gaps!

Possibility of removing cellulite?

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If you’re on a diet, you’d pick your thighs as the hardest part to lose. Although your physical strength is normal, it can be even more worrisome if only your hips look particularly prominent, or if the gap between your thighs and the horse-riding flesh located outside your thighs narrows. Furthermore, the cellulite makes your lower body look bumpy, which is even more worrisome.

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Thigh liposuction at our hospital involves extracting body fat with precision to improve cellulite and achieve smoother leg lines. You may have concerns about remaining scars after surgery. At 365mc, we minimize scarring by making minimal incisions of 0.1-0.2cm in the lower pubic area and one wrinkle area, and scars typically fade to the original skin color within 6-12 months, providing reassurance.

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Liposuction for saddlebag fat offers the potential for rapid improvement in problem areas, but it’s crucial to undergo procedures tailored to your initial diagnosis and body type. Careful consideration of the medical facility you choose is advised, as diagnosis, along with the experience of medical professionals, can impact secondary issues such as skin irregularities, dimpling, and persistent pain.

As we directly extract the amount of fat in the body, our hospital is planning to closely identify the individual’s body shape through clinical pathology tests, ultrasound tests, and 3D body type scans, as well as to implement perfect thigh liposuction considering the overall body ratio.

In addition, it already has more than 6.1 million obesity treatment data and is an obesity- specialized hospital that guarantees stability so that the number of liposuction per medical staff exceeds 50,000, and we find and help improve the ideal amount of inhalation for individuals with various checkups and body line designs.

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The process for liposuction is also important, but post-care is important in order to maintain a consistent beautiful body line. It is difficult to face a beautiful body without proper care, as well as to maintain it consistently, so it is recommended to choose an obesity treatment hospital with a dedicated post-care team.

Post-treatment gently relieves the clumping phenomenon that occurs after surgery, and disinfects the incision window to help the wound heal well without being fleeced. In addition, there are differences between individuals to smooth the skin, help regeneration, and quickly

improve swelling, but for 6 weeks Enderplus treatment, High frequency RE and carboxy procedures are performed according to the individual patient’s symptoms and needs.

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