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Creating a V-line with facial liposuction

Special face liposuction

It is not only quick and safe, but also has permanent effects. Many people are already seeing the great effects of facial liposuction. I’m not just saying this, I really mean it!Liposuction is performed within a short surgery time, which is ok in just 1 hour. There are no stitches, making care easier. This is permanent fat removal without bone damage.

1mm difference for v-line

Can I get a V-line just by removing it? On the face, 1mm determines the image. 365mc has 20 years of experience in various cases. Based on accumulated know-how, individual face shape We will create a V-line tailored to you.

world class Safe surgical environment

You can’t leave your precious face anywhere, right? The face has many nerves, blood vessels, and organs distributed in a small area. 280,000 people have already chosen liposuction treatment. Become safe and beautiful at the certified 365mc hospital.

V-Line Booster Care

365mc’s pride recognized by customers Facial liposuction aftercare performed 3 times It doesn’t end with just one surgery We achieve ‘super customer satisfaction’ through after-sales service from a dedicated team.

Consultation inquiry

If you have any questions about Liposuction korea, ask 365mc Hospital. We will consult with you more easily and quickly.
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