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Breast Fat Graft Korea

Breast surgeries are extremely popular not only in South Korea but in all over the world. Everyday, hundreds of women are going into surgery to get their dream breast size, and that’s great! But, did you know there’s a another alternative? As much as breast augmentation surgeries are amazing, they aren’t the only cosmetic surgery that allows you to enhance the size of your chest. Actually, there is another way, better know as the Korean Breast Fat Graft surgery or fat grafting.

Breast Fat Graft Korea: What it is and what you should know

Breast fat graft is a cosmetic surgery done in order to enhance the size of your breasts. It is somewhat similar to the regular breast augmentation surgery procedure, but in this one, instead of using breast implants, the doctors use your own fat. This surgery is based on removing the fat from an specific area of your body and injecting it directly to your chest area, achieving a much bigger, rounded breasts than before without having to recur to breast implants.

How the Korean breast fat graft surgery is done

Like we mentioned before, the surgery is based around removing fat from specifics parts of your body to later inject it directly into your breast area, creating bigger, fuller breasts than before. The fat is removed from different areas of your body, being either the stomach or the thigh areas, and then this same purified fat, goes into your breast, being positioned in the right spot in order to make both breath look similar.

Benefits of Korean breast fat graft

  • You will get a bigger breast sizes: This is the main reason most women go under this surgery, to being able to get their dream breast size in a more natural, not so invasive way.
  • You will be able to sculpt your body: Since the breast fat graft surgery Korea removes fat from your stomach and thighs it means you get to lose fat in those areas as well, achieving a way more slimmer, aesthetically pleasing body, all during the same surgery!
  • It is a very quick procedure: The surgery usually last a maximum of two hours, and the recovery time is pretty quickly, only being 1 to 2 weeks. Not to mention, you don’t have to stay hospitalized after your surgery.

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