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20240425-Image-1-Face Liposuction
20240425-Image-1-Face Liposuction

We all want to achieve that V-Line. It feels like you’ve tried everything, but nothing has had the effect, right? We totally get you!

To get the V-Line face, we have to understand the causes of initial face shape. We all know that fat is stored not only in the body, but also in the face making the double chin or cheeks more round. How can we get rid of the face fat?

Liposuction Surgery for Face Fat

The answer is liposuction! Liposuction is possible on the double chin, lower third face area at 365mc Liposuction Hospital. 

In 365mc Seoul Hospital we have several doctors who do face liposuction surgery. Liposuction is done under sleeping anesthesia. For the face, usually small puncture points are made on the lip corners, and there are no stitches. You need to wear the face compression band 24 hours the first day, and then 12 hours a day for up to 3 weeks, but brushing and swelling are minimal.

20240425-Image-2-Face Liposuction_ 2 months after
20240425-Image-2-Face Liposuction_ 2 months after

LAMS for Face Fat

Moreover, there is a non-surgical way of removing double chin fat: this is the LAMS (local anesthetic minimally invasive liposuction). LAMS is only available at 365mc. LAMS is similar to liposuction in that the doctor will remove the fat cells, but during the procedure you are awake and only local anesthesia is used, which makes recovery period very short: you are able to go home right after the procedure! And same as liposuction surgery for the face, there are no stitches, and wearing a face compression band is required just for a short period of time.

20240425-Image-3-Double Chin LAMS Results
20240425-Image-3-Double Chin LAMS Results

Botox for Face Muscles

Lastly, your lower face area may look rather big due to jaw muscles which we use a lot when eating food. 365mc can help with this also by doing jaw botox injection! Botox helps with muscle reduction by temporarily blocking nerves, so your face will look much smaller and prettier. As botox has a temporary effect, it is recommended to do additional injections every 4-6 months. 

Please also note that results depend on your face fat amount, skin elasticity, muscles and bone structure, so it’s best to consult in person at the hospital to check expected outcomes and recommended procedures to get the results you want.

For the recommendations tailored to your case and booking an appointment at 365mc Liposuction & LAMS Hospital in Seoul, South Korea, please contact us for the free consultation!

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